I’m so scared I’m not going to be successful. If I continue the way I am I don’t think it will be possible. I need to better myself and I don’t know how because I have no sense of self motivation. I live for myself and I feel my values and priorities aren’t straight. I must start paying attention to these things so I can realize what needs to happen because I am scared of what the the future holds. I feel like I’m far behind everyone else and comparing yourself to others is no good but what else am I to do when constantly surrounded and in need of others.
I believe I need isolation and hopefully summer will bring me that.
I’ve tried this before and it leads to depression
Constant battle between anxiety and depression is overwhelming.
In need if love

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I often find myself wishing terrible things upon myself just to have a reason to feel the way I already do
It’s fucking terrible and I hope they never come true






Pulp Fiction (1994)